11 Foundations That Blend Beautifully Into Deeper Complexions

They say that all good things in life start with the right foundation, and there’s no better place to put that theory into action than your beauty regimen. The correct foundation acts like the perfect undergarment to your entire look. That’s why I’m puzzled — why haven’t more brands expanded their shade ranges?

It can still be hard to find products that address the vast complexions and undertones of people of color. As far as we’ve come when it comes to diversity in cosmetics, we still have farther to go for women with deeper skin tones.

It’s not that companies aren’t making “brown” colors, but they’re not being made in a way that suits the needs of this community. “Foundations for darker skin tones are created similarly as foundations for lighter or medium skin tones,” explains Ron Robinson, cosmetic chemist and founder of

Companies typically mix a black tint into your typical fair-tinted formula to make a deeper hue. “Adding more black pigment to a lighter or medium shade will produce a shade for darker skin tones, but it won’t necessarily address their undertones,” says Robinson.

Like all complexions, darker skin has one of three basic undertones: cool, warm, or neutral. (Discover your undertone with this quiz!) “In order to address the undertone, you’d have to add either red, pink, or blue for a cool undertone; yellow for a warm undertone; or add both red and yellow to get a neutral undertone,” Robinson remarks. Very few (respective to the size of the cosmetics industry) create foundations with proper undertones. This means most women of color are underserved when it comes to the most essential of makeup bag must haves.

Let’s spotlight those brands willing to address the undertones, creating foundation products that simply melt into the skin for a flawless complexion. Here are 11 foundations that not only enhance the complexions of women of color; they positively celebrate them.

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