29 Ridiculously Flattering Short Hairstyles For Natural and Textured Hair

Twist outs, wash and gos, rod sets — if you’re natural and looking to switch up your style, the options are vast. Good news is that you don’t even need a ton of length to do it. Even with shorter hair, you can still craft up some cool looks. But full transparency: Shorter isn’t always easier. If you’ve ever had a low cut, then you probably attest to the fact that it can be harder and sometimes more frustrating to maintain a style. Of course in some cases you can just wake up and go, but most often having short hair means forfeiting the option to just throw it all into a pony. Maintenance with short cuts can be a lot, but having the flexibility to do a quick, often times, commitment-free change makes it worthwhile.

For a bold style choices that requires less daily work on the styling front, a vibrant color or some part art may be the way to go. Or try some pretty accessories to help camouflage an awkward in-between phase. No matter what your state of short, there’s plenty of incentive to get your spirals spinning.

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