3 Makeup Artists Share All You Need to Know About Wearing Foundation If You Have Freckles

“Who tried drawing on freckles with eye pencil in 2018?” makeup artist Hannah Martin asked me. I know I definitely dotted an eyebrow pencil over the bridge of my nose on occasion, and I know I’m not alone. Some might call it the Meghan Markle effect, or maybe we’re finally starting to embrace our natural beauty more; whatever the reason, freckles are on trend right now. However, it’s not always easy to apply foundation if you still want your freckles to show through. If you find yourself in this particular predicament, fear not.

Three celebrity makeup artists shared their advice on everything you need to know about wearing foundation with freckles, as well as a few tips on how to create faux ones for those who don’t have any naturally. Read on for the best tips, and get ready to embrace, or enhance, what your mama gave you.

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