30 Rainbow Hair Ideas All Brunettes Should Try

When it comes to rainbow hair color, it seems like blondes are having all the fun. Lighter strands make it easier to commit to fun and fabulous hues like rose gold blonde, macaron, and cotton candy.

But while dark-haired ladies will admittedly have to lift their natural color to add more unexpected tones, that doesn’t mean you have to bleach your whole head to get technicolor tresses. Thanks to the color-melting technique, more and more women are leaving much of their hair dark, but asking their colorists to mesh their natural hue with edgier ones like emerald, smoky lilac, and rose gold. The result is beautifully blended color that looks like it could have actually grown from your scalp. Pair it with tinted shampoos and other products that will extend the life of your dye job, and you basically don’t have an excuse; it’s time for your rainbow hair debut, brunettes!

Ahead, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite color trends that are ideal for dark-toned hair and provided plenty of inspiration. Read on! Your dream hair awaits . . .

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