8 Beauty Lessons We Learned From the Motherly Figures in Our Lives

There are a lot of lessons our moms, grandmas, step moms, and motherly figures teach us in life. They might teach us to cook, navigate relationships, or put the laundry out on the line without causing creases (this is still a work in progress for me). Aside from the basics of life, these women are usually the people that also introduce us to the world of beauty.

When it comes to growing up and discovering beauty, the lessons we’re taught are special and often shape how we approach it. From foundation shade matching, solid skincare advice, to getting our first manicure, there is a lot to learn. But most importantly, the motherly figures in our lives teach us to love ourselves.

Keep reading to hear some of the heartwarming lessons our editors’ moms, grandmothers, and more, have taught them about beauty.

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