Emma Roberts Completely Changed Her Hair For the New American Horror Story: 1984

Emma Roberts is back to brunette — and her new hair look is for her character for the latest season of American Horror Story.

Her midlength blunt cut and brown hair color were the work of hairstylists Nikki Lee and Riawna Capri at Nine Zero One Salon. “This new look is for American Horror Story, the theme is 1984,” Lee said. “So the challenge was, ‘How do I create a look for Emma that she will be shooting with for the next few months that is also modern for her day-to-day life?'”

Capri chopped Roberts’s ends straight across before Lee colored her hair warm brown (which Lee dubbed “1984 Brown” so “[her hair] could be styled very 80s for the show, but for her real life we did a modern kind of wave, so she’s not walking around looking like she’s in 1984”).

American Horror Story‘s ninth season will air on Sept. 18, and we couldn’t be more ready to see Roberts’s look in the show. If you can’t wait until the premiere, you can check out Roberts’s new hairstyle ahead.

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