I Flew Twice in 48 Hours, and This Mask Saved My Irritated Skin

I recently went on a two-day business trip to another city and was told I’d be flying twice in 48 hours. That meant my skin would be exposed to quite a bit of icky airplane air. In an effort to combat the effects of the flights on my complexion (which usually are breakouts and uneven texture), I brought along the new Lano Face Base The Aussie Flyer Leave-On Recovery Mask ($24).

Made with all-natural lanolin, the mask promised to seal moisture into my skin and soothe stressed-out complexions. The combination of coffee, mint, and ginger in the formula sounded exactly like what my face needed to perk up and keep from becoming irritated.

As soon as the plane took off, I unscrewed the cap from the pretty white-and-purple tube and proceeded to slather my face in the fragrance-free cream. Since the mask doesn’t need to be rinsed off, I let it soak into my face throughout the flight.

Considering how many Instagram-worthy moments were available on my trip, I’m eternally grateful that this mask did its job. My skin wasn’t the least bit dehydrated when I got to my destination and I didn’t experience any after-travel complexion issues. See how good my skin looked, ahead.

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