I Tested the Latest At-Home Waxing Kits in the Name of Journalism So You Don't Have To

For me, the worst part about getting a Brazilian wax isn’t the pain. (Which, if you haven’t heard, feels like a bolt of lightning traveling from your butthole to the back of your throat, where the audible gasp you’ll inevitably be making originates.) Rather, it’s the act of voluntarily spending the time and money each month to have a nice lady in pink floral scrubs completely ruin your day. I reserve these tender moments only for special occasions.

For every other time I need a wax, I lean on DIY hair removal kits — and a heavy pour of Merlot — to get the job done. In my quest for the best formulas out there, however, I have learned one thing (or two, if you factor in how humbling it is to try to reach the areas of your nether regions not even you have seen before): at-home waxing kits aren’t always created equal.

Which ones live up to the claims of an easy, pain-free process? Um, none — are you even listening? But the waxing kits ahead are about as close as it gets . . . which, yes, will feel extremely, extremely close.

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