Jackie Cruz on the Power of Good Hair, Meditating, and “Feeling Yourself”

On Orange Is the New Black, Jackie Cruz plays inmate Marisol Gonzalez — aka Flaka — whose defining features are a cat eye so sharp, it’s borderline dangerous and extralong, dark hair. Regarding the latter, Cruz explained to POPSUGAR how her hair impacted the way she saw herself growing up and how it helped her find her inner confidence.

“You know Flaca — that was my old hair,” she said, explaining that she had long hair her entire life. “Hair was a big deal in my life because, being Latin, they always want you to have long hair, and I have curly hair, which was a lot of work to keep up.”

She explained that as she cut it off, she felt more and more free. “I started chopping off my hair, and that was a part of me shedding who I used to be,” she said. “I always felt like [what I] looked like was based on how people wanted me to be or my mom. After a few years of working on Orange, I shed a lot, and I’ve grown a lot and I’ve become definitely more confident.” Cruz’s hair is currently cut into a pixie, and she explained that the length makes her feel beautiful because it was something she chose for herself.

Another way Cruz says she finds confidence is through meditating, which she does in her shower. “It’s one of those ’90s showers where you sit down,” she said. “I shave, I scrub. I take just one minute to feel myself.” She uses the Schick Hydro Silk ($10 for three) razor, which she promotes in her latest campaign with the brand. Her video with the brand takes place on “Feelin’ Myself Island” and is a spoof on dating reality TV shows where she searches for ways to feel closer to herself.

When it comes to shaking off insecurities, she has one key motto. “None of it is important,” she said, referring to what could be making you feel inadequate. “[What is important is] how you feel inside and how you take care of yourself.” Check out her new campaign with Schick ahead.

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