Jennifer Lopez Just Got a Teeny Chop to Her Blond Lob, but it Changed the Entire Look

In September, Jennifer Lopez debuted a new hairstyle at the premiere of Hustlers. Her hair was chopped into a blunt lob and had brighter blond highlights added throughout, making her look like a Greek statue dipped in gold. Celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton styled it sleek and straight for the occasion, showing off the blunt ends.

But it seems the singer and actor was ready for a 2020 refresh to her cut. In February, Lopez attended the Film Independent Spirit Awards with a slightly shorter look, cut in extra layers and styled straight. It also appears that the colored pieces at the front of her hair — which UK colorist Jack Howard calls “money pieces” — were added in to brighten the overall hue and emphasize her bone structure. The layers and lighter look gives Lopez an almost entirely different hairstyle with a very little lift.

So, if you’re considering a new hairstyle for the new year but aren’t yet ready for a dramatic change, talk to your hairdresser about taking tips from Lopez’s updated lob by simply layering the cut and highlighting the front pieces of the hair. Get a closer look at her new hair, ahead.

— Additional reporting by Tori Crowther

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