Like a Shot of Sunshine, This $4 Mask Brightened Up My Complexion in Just 10 Minutes

The Dearpacker Black Ginseng Gold Hydrogel Mask ($4) is the full package: it gave me an unmatched sensory experience and a complexion boost that lasted until the next day.

I say that even though my first few minutes with it were a little messy. After ripping open the pouch, I made the mistake of not being careful when pulling the two-piece mask out, as all of its excess serum dripped from its pouch onto my lap (don’t worry, it was an easy cleanup). I placed both jiggling parts onto my face, making sure to press it against the contours of my features. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it adhered to my skin, and I was able to walk around the room with it on.

In the 10 minutes I had it on, I felt incomparably relaxed. The cooling effect that comes with its hydrogel texture felt soothing, as the dry areas of skin on top of my cheeks felt less irritated. I also had peace of mind knowing it wouldn’t slip off and make a mess. When I peeled it off, my skin was moist with leftover serum, which I proceeded to pat into my skin. In 20 minutes, my face was visibly brighter and more moisturized — so much so, that the effect lasted until the next morning. See the mask, ahead.

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