Liv Tyler Has a Whopping 25 Steps to Her Beauty Routine, and We've Never Related More

Links”>Liv Tyler may have some killer genes, but she just revealed in a video with Vogue that she actually spends quite a lot of time maintaining her glowing skin. The actress gave fans an inside look at her beauty routine, and the 25-step regimen had more than few stellar tips.

“One great tip if you get puffy eyes, which I do when I eat anything with salt in it or am flying, is to put these eye patchy things beneath your eyes, which I store in the fridge,” Tyler said as she applied the Talika Eye Therapy Patches ($49).

Among her other tips include drinking plenty of water and green juice, massaging her skin, and getting plenty of sleep. Check out the rest of Tyler’s illuminating tips in the video above.

Image Source: YouTube video Vogue

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