Lucy Boynton's “Galactic Kitty” Winged Liner Is as Out of This World As it Sounds

For an evening with the cast of Netflix’ new TV show, The Politician, actor Lucy Boynton tried an epic winged eyeliner look that was one part cat eye, one part space cadet — and while I know that sounds really strange, it actually looked completely stunning.

Boynton is no stranger to an interesting (read: incredible) makeup look. She experiments with negative space eyeliner in more ways than we can dream of; she wears chunky glitter like it’s her calling in life; and with every look, she applies layers upon layers of mascara for an enviable ’60s-inspired doll-like effect. This look, in particular, involved shimmery silver shadow on the lids and double winged liner at the outer corners. London-based makeup artist Jo Baker — the woman responsible for the look —called the look “Galactic Kitty Wings”, which might just be our favorite name for a makeup look, ever.

Baker applied silver shadow all over Boynton’s lids and created the fierce double wings using bold black liner — possibly a liquid formula with a precision felt tip pen. Take a closer look and you can see the wings actually started at the inner corners of Boynton’s eyes, with Baker drawing a line along Boynton’s creases. That line fed into the dove-tail shaped wings at the outer corners, which she then extended right out to the ends of the brows. Baker also created a gradient effect between the metallic silver shadow and the black liner, which not only added another celestial element, but also really made Boynton’s blue eyes shine.

The space-age eye makeup was topped off (in true Boynton style) with plenty of mascara. To keep the overall look from going too theatrical, hairstylist Kylee Heath simply parted Boynton’s bob down the middle and added a tiny bit of wave to the ends. By tucking the front pieces of hair behind the ears, Heath also created a literal frame for Baker’s handiwork.

Ahead, keep reading to get a closer look at Boynton’s “galactic kitty wings”, which have us convinced Boynton’s beauty — and Baker’s talent — are out of this world. We’ll catch the next spaceship to whatever beauty planet that is, please.

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