Thanks to This Redness-Erasing Foundation, You’d Never Know How Irritated My Skin Was

I’ve always had dry skin, but it’s been significantly more irritated after a recent snowboarding trip. Between the seven-hour flight and the four days of ripping through snow at high speeds, my cheeks were tender to the touch when I returned. The areas of my face that were the most sensitive would turn red to the touch.

Of course, I started giving it more love with the most emollient, fragrance-free moisturizers I could find; but there were still areas that seemed too sensitive. Luckily, a jar of Stila Lingerie Soufflé Skin Perfecting Color in Shade 5.0 ($38) has been hiding the irritation.

The first time I opened the jar, I was surprised to find a fluffy, airy whipped formula. I immediately dipped my fingers into the jar (after washing my hands, of course), began dabbing the goop onto my face, and blending it out with my makeup sponge. It magically erased the rosier splotches on my cheeks and chin along with the bags under my eyes — all while wearing so comfortably, I often forget about it.

One thing to keep in mind is to always prep your skin with moisturizer before applying this complexion-perfecting product. On the day I skipped it, I saw the foundation sit in the driest parts of my face, although my skin was especially dehydrated. See the complexion perfecting foundation, ahead.

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