The Expert's Guide to Transitioning to Natural Hair

After a million YouTube videos, tip laden articles, personal stories, products and an abundance of patience — the process of transitioning from chemically processed styles to naturally curly and textured hair remains a struggle. It’s hard. Committing to the actual stages of it, no matter what your initial transition plan, is like strapping yourself into an emotional roller coaster that you aren’t quite sure you’re ready to ride. The journey is personal, but the natural hair world has created a mega support group to help get you through it.

Not long ago the style options, products to help during some very awkward hair phases, and the overall know-how on safely parting ways with chemical treatments was all very limited — but the process has come a very long way. So whether you’re a first-time transitioner or someone who took a detour and is now looking for a bit of courage and encouragement to try again, these expert tips will hopefully make the journey stress-free, efficient, and a lot less daunting.

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