These Ultragentle Face Wipes Somehow Remove Waterproof Mascara in Seconds

Maybe you just came home from a late night out with your friends. Maybe you put on more makeup than usual and know that removing it is going to take longer than you want it to. Whatever the reason, there are times you don’t want to wash your face, and I understand that.

While I completely feel your pain, I admit I do end up washing my face in those scenarios, and I noticed that one beauty product made the process more bearable: the Hydro Peptide HydroActive Facial Cleansing Cloths ($20). While each of the pack’s 30 wipes is gentle on the skin, it powerfully removes everything from waterproof mascara to a full-coverage foundation. It does so in just one clean sweep, while using a second cloth leaves you feeling as though you’ve cleaned the dirt and excess oils off your face and that you applied a skin-softening serum.

Full disclosure: they are a little on the pricier side when it comes to face wipes. A pack retails for about $20 — but if it gets me into my bed faster, I’d say it’s worth every penny. See the makeup-removing cloths that pack a punch ahead.

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