This Cleanser Makes My Skin So Clear and Bright, I Don't Need to Wear Face Makeup

My dream? To go bare-faced without worrying about blemishes. It has always seemed unachievable because I’m constantly battling dark spots and acne. Luckily, that all changed because of one unexpected product: the OSEA Malibu Ocean Cleanser ($44). I always thought I was using the wrong serums and creams, but my mistake started with the very first step of my skincare routine: cleansing.

This mineral-rich organic seaweed gel cleanser gets rid of excess oil and impurities from my face without drying it out. The formula includes vegan lactic acid (derived from beets) that gently exfoliate the surface of your skin to minimize pores. I also love that it contains lime, cypress, and juniper that energize you to wake you up so you’re ready to take on the day. Let’s not forget about the organic seaweed, which quenches my skin and makes it feel plump.

My complexion is brighter, I’m never flaky, and I don’t get any redness.

All I do is dampen my face, put one pump of cleanser into my hands, and massage it into my skin. I splash it off and continue on with my skincare regimen, which includes a serum and moisturizer. Since using this product morning and night, my face has significantly cleared up. My complexion is brighter, I’m never flaky, and I don’t get any redness. Now I feel confident without any makeup on.

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Read on to learn about more OSEA Malibu products I’m currently loving. Let Spring be the time you make skin care a priority.

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