This Is Sabrina Carpenter’s Natural Hair Color – And How Often She Gets Touch-Ups

Sabrina Carpenter’s long, blond hair has become a part of her signature beauty look with its flowing waves, and perfectly-placed highlights. In case you were wondering, the singer and Girl Meets World actress’s natural hair color is, in fact, blond, but her golden highlights are the work of her long time hairstylist, Laurie Heaps.

“Her natural color is medium blond,” Heaps told POPSUGAR. “We add some golden highlights throughout, and a few brighter ones to frame the face.” Heaps also said that Carpenter usually goes to her every three to four months for touch-ups. “She’s always on tour or filming, so sometimes it’s longer than that.

For Heaps, the most important thing is making sure Carpenter’s hair stays healthy when while dying her hair. “I always use Olaplex in her color and give her a Olaplex treatment afterward,” she said.

Though we’re used to seeing Carpenter with her long, blond hair, she has gone through many different color changes (including a dramatic transformation to brunette). See her most memorable hair looks, ahead.

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