We're Grateful Every Day For These Black-Owned Beauty Brands We Can Easily Shop at Sephora

It’s incredibly frustrating to find a beauty product, especially one presented as universal, and find out that there’s an implied “unless your skin is dark” or your hair is “kinky” that somehow got left off its label. Sure, that may be sarcasm, but it’s still (sadly) something people of color experience more often than they should.

And while there are major beauty brands founded by corporations and nonminorities who are taking on these issues, sometimes it just takes the determination and firsthand experience of someone who has genuinely LOL’d at a product labeled nude, or squeezed out nearly one-fourth a bottle of conditioner to even get hair feeling slightly soft, to know what should happen next.

In order to celebrate beauty brands founded by minorities that address not only issues of their own race but also help out others, we’ve looked into some of the best black-owned product lines sold at Sephora just to make sure everyone is up to speed. They say knowledge is power, so read on to learn a bit more about these black-founded beauty brands you can easily find at the retailer.

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